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1- Students are required to uphold a high standard of discipline to create a conducive environment for effective teaching and learning. Any student engaging in acts of indiscipline or violating rules may face consequences such as suspension, rustication, or termination from the college.
2- Unethical behavior, including cheating, stealing, and gross misconduct, is strictly prohibited.
3- Deliberately causing damage to college property, known as vandalism, is not tolerated.
4- Displaying disrespect or rudeness towards teaching, administrative staff, or guests is unacceptable.
5- Violating college rules and regulations or disobeying instructions is a breach of conduct. Engaging in violent activities detrimental to the college's interests or damaging its reputation is prohibited.
6- Smoking, using illegal drugs, or possessing arms or objectionable instruments is strictly forbidden.
7- Skipping classes and being absent from the institute for more than three days without permission is not allowed.

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