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Education is one of the most important factors in the development of a nation. Pakistan, being an underdeveloped country, needs education at all levels. Our aspirations are guided by the ideology of Pakistan and principles of Islam. It is, therefore, a necessity to establish thousands of standard institutions, which can inculcate in youth, the ideals and aspirations of the nation emphasizing on basic Islamic teachings and principles of equality, tolerance, and social justice. THE AIMS SCHOOL & COLLEGE has been established in May 2011 in the capital city Islamabad to provide quality education, particularly to the students of underdeveloped areas.

What we Have

Class rooms

The academic facilities of the college include: Well-furnished classroom which is designed to create an optimal learning environment. It has Natural and Artificial lighting that is well-distributed and free of glare. Access to computers, projectors and audio-visual equipment for modern teaching methods. Decorative elements such as artwork or bulletin boards to make the classroom inviting and engaging.

Boarding houses

The college hostel accommodates its residents in four houses named Unity, Faith, Discipline and Tolerance. It offers a range of amenities including well-lit and spacious living rooms with access to warm water during the winter months. There are also ample dinning facilities available. Additionally, the hostel provides daily newspaper to keep the students informed about both National and Global current events.

Sports facilities

The college is also providing sports facilities. The sports activities are essential for maintaining a healthy life style and fostering various skills and values. Sports activities include basketball, volleyball, badminton, football and cricket. Participating in sports can have numerous physical, mental and social benefits including improved fitness and building camaraderie with teammates.


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Syed Imtiaz Ali Rizvi